John G

John G., MN

My journey for lung began when I was not quite nine years old. I asked my father for a special present for my 9th birthday – that he quit smoking. He was not a heavy smoker so it was relatively easy for him to quit. However, smoking took a significant toll on our extended family as I later lost two uncles to lung cancer, one of whom was my dad’s younger brother. I remember how angry my dad was when that uncle died because he believed his brother’s inability or unwillingness to quit smoking cost them many years together.

I also learned that quitting does not guarantee that cancer will not strike you. My best friend’s mother, who I met when we were in kindergarten, died of lung cancer even though she had quit smoking years before. None of us realized that regular screening is necessary for ex-smokers because tobacco causes permanent damage that does not become apparent until it is too late. The loss of this wonderful woman is why I am an advocate of regular scans for lung health.

New generations now use tobacco and other products in a new way without understanding the consequences of vaping. Having experienced the pain of lung disease among my relatives and older friends, I think it is critically important to continue researching the effects of vaping while also exploring new treatments for lung disease. Protecting these new generations from the pain and suffering I saw and experienced is why I am now an advocate for research and treatments that support lung health.

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