Joanne W

Joanne W., NJ

I was diagnosed with Stage 3A Non Small Cell Lung Cancer back in 2000. I got the news on Good Friday. To find out what stage it was I had to have a Pet Scan. It was new and I was the 9th patient at Robert Wood Johnson Radiology to have it done. I was on a protocol with other patients with the National Cancer Institute.

There were 2 ways they could treat it. One was 7 weeks of Chemo and Radiation. Two is 2 heavy doses of Chemo and then 7 weeks of Chemo and Radiation. I was picked to have the 2 doses of Chemo and then the combination of Chemo and Radiation.

The treatment started June and ended in September. I was in the hospital between the doses and combined treatment. My Port got infected. I was there for 2 weeks. My Tumor grew in 9 months and my oncologist said if it was to return it would within the year. I finally got the good "C" word CURED 6 years after.

First Published: September 9, 2019

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