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Joan L., NJ

I started with some back pain between my shoulder blades and I was getting bronchitis almost every month. One day I had some chest pain and went to the emergency room where I was admitted and had a cardiac catheter, which was normal. The hospital had also taken a chest X-ray that showed an area suspicious for malignancy. From there it went CAT scan, PET scan, bronchoscopy and needle biopsy. I had a lobectomy done with follow up chemo. I have to say the chemo was the worst part- it took me to the brink of death. I ended up being septic after the chemo and was in ICU for 4 days. Today I'm 4 years and 10 months cancer free. I have shortness of breath occasionally but I'm just glad to still be here. Never give up, take one day at a time and always think positive!

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