Jillian F

Jillian F., MA

I lost my best friend, my mom, almost a year ago. On November 19, 2012 my mother Brenda (52 years old) lost her battle to cancer. When I say she was my everything, I kid you not. I could tell her anything and she was the most amazing mom a girl could ask for. Although I only had 20 years to spend with her, I wouldn't trade it for the world. She has made me who I am today and taught me how precious life is. She loved everyone for who they were, never judged and always cared. I am a junior in college but I am beginning my life long mission, and that is to do all I possibly can in the hopes to end smoking. I know I can't bring my mom back, but I sure can make her proud from heaven. I spoke at a town meeting in Rhode Island and told my story. I am in the middle of recording my story so it can be shared at schools or meetings. I am praying my voice can become a voice of reason if not for all, for one person. One less smoker can ultimately save one person's life. I am young, too young to have lost my mom and I will do anything I can to let the world know that smoking can kill. If I can do anything please let me know! Let's not lose another person from smoking, let's save another person from starting.

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