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Jessica L., MA

We found out my mom had extensive stage small cell lung cancer in early March 2015. Before March she only had a slight but persistent cough. Within a few weeks of the initial diagnosis we had found out it had spread to her brain, liver, lymph nodes, and breast. We actually found out earlier today that it has now spread to her stomach and likely her colon (awaiting a colonoscopy). My mom is only 44 years old, but has been smoking at least a pack a day since she was 14. The treatments have taken a serious toll on her body but lucky for us her sense of humor is still intact. I know the outlook isn't great, I am just hoping she doesn't have to suffer any more than she already is. I am now desperately trying to get my friends and other family members to quit smoking. Such a terrible, terrible disease. For anyone reading this, do your best to quit smoking.

First Published: July 31, 2015

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