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Jes W., OH

I was nine years old when I was affected by lung cancer. My dad passed away from lung cancer after a three year battle with the disease. It taught me as a young girl about resilience and staying strong in the face of such a hard life lesson. While my dad passed away from cancer I saw how much the doctors, nurses, and hospice tried to cure the disease and later make him comfortable. Trained staff dealing with people and that diagnosis sometimes made the difference in how my father, the family, and I dealt with the situation. I want others to know that medicine has progressed so far in the nineteen years since my dad passed away that they should feel confident in the medical treatments these days and that the trained professionals involved will work with you and your family as much as they can, because they want what you want, for the person diagnosed to live and live healthy and cancer free.

First Published: October 29, 2013

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