Janine C

Janine C., PA

On August 17th, 2018 I lost one of my favorite people in the entire world to lung cancer...my mommom Shirley Miller. She had been complaining of shoulder pain and coughing whenever she laid down but other then that, she seemed perfectly healthy and very independent. She had called my mom one day and said that she fell and needed help getting up so my mom went straight to her apartment and said why don't we go to the hospital to be on the safe side.

When they got to the hospital they did a chest x-ray and that's when they found a huge mass over the entire one side of her lung. A few days later it was confirmed that she had stage 4 lung cancer.

Words can't describe how I felt when I heard that. I didn't know how much time we had, I didn't know what to do to help and I really didn't know how I was going to live without her. After trying my best to help my mother with her at home hospice care and watching her slowly deterriote, we lost her 1 month after her diagnosis. It was truly the shortest yet longest month of my life. My mommom had smoked her entire life but had actually quit 3 years before she was diagnosed. Lung force has helped me so much by helping me turn my grief into making a difference in my mommoms honor. Thanks to lung force, my mommom still has a voice and I can't thank them enough for that.

First Published: June 6, 2019

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