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Jance S., PA

My husband Pete was diagnosed with non-small cell Adenocarcinoma in May 2015. No symptoms until he was Stage IV.

We just came home from a beautiful trip to Brazil and Argentina in March 2015. In April he began coughing...a lot. knew something was wrong. A chest x-ray and CT confirmed my worst fear.

He began a regimen of chemo and in October 2015 his oncologist announced he would be on a maintenance chemo. Great! We so thought.

In November, he developed pneumonia and sepsis...unreal that he survived that, however, what a setback. No chemo or treatment for a few months. Along came pembrolizumab...thought it was going to be this "miracle" drug. Very expensive, insurance paid, thank goodness. The cancer was metastasizing. Many hospital husband said no more treatment.

He passed on April 28, 2016. I prayed to God for mercy for him. As a caretaker, to see someone fight for air is the worst thing imaginable. I needed His mercy. I truly hope someday, there is more than can be done with funding for screening some patients for lung cancer. Please, please...on my beloved husband Pete's behalf and all the angels who have passed from this disease...let's do more for them and the soldiers still fighting for air. Your loving wife and eternal partner, Jan.

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