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Hope T., MS


My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It's metastatic. He's having another CAT scan done to make sure the cancer hasn't spread any further down. He has tumors on his lympnodes, lung and hip bone. He will be having to do weekly blood transfusions to help build his blood levels and immunity up before he can start any kind of treatments.

I'm trying to remain hopeful and strong for my daddy, but it's getting harder as the days turn into weeks without any updates about the cancer or treatment. His feet and ankles are also swelled up about 10 times of their original size. Anytime he asks one of his many doctors they either dodge the question or don't tell us anything about why his legs are so swollen. Which makes my anxiety and worrying so much worse. A part of me feels like they know the answer they just don't want to tell my dad anything or my dad isn't telling me the whole truth because he hasn't fully came to terms with it.

I am my father's daughter, 110% dad's girl, i am terrified of losing my dad especially to painful cancer. I don't know what to do or how to come to terms with any of it and I feel like a lot of it comes from not knowing everything yet.

First Published: October 5, 2021

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