Hildi C

Hildi C., NC

My beautiful Mom Rose Marie was diagnosed with stage one NSCL lung cancer in February of 2019.

My Mom never smoked, her Dad was a cigar smoker and my Dad smoked cigarettes for about 6 years. My husband passed away of stage 4 tonsil cancer in October of 2013 so I had experience with the Big C. My Dad passed away in July of 2017 after a long illness, my Mom lovingly took care of him for two years in their home and I was my Moms care partner.

My mother and I carefully looked at her diagnosis and got two opinions regarding her care. Both opinions were the same, surgery to remove the tumor in her left upper lobe offered the best chance of a cure. The surgeon we chose to operate on my Mom was recruited after 20 years of experience at another facility and had performed hundreds of robotic surgerys, he was considered an expert. He is in the head of thoracic surgery.

My Mom had surgery June 25 of 2019 and came out of the surgery with no issues. As my Mom's recovery progressed she experienced breathing problems, contracted pneumonia while in the hospital and was moved to ICU, her lungs filled up with fluid and she had a pleural effusion. My Mom lost consciousness and had to be put on a ventilator then sadly passed away July 27 th of 2019.

I chose this picture of my Mom because it was taken on the day of her 60th wedding anniversary celebration. My Dad was failing in health and she was taking care of him everyday along with hospice care but still radiated beauty and happiness on this day. My Mom was always there for our family and will be missed . Love you Mom

First Published: October 31, 2019

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