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Hazel C., OH

On January 12, 2022, I went outside and inhaled the cold air in Ohio. I had a cough. Not a normal cough, but a bronchial cough. I know it all to well. I suffer from bronchitis most of my life. January 12 and 13 my costochondritis bothered me. My cough got worse.

February 23 I saw my doctor and she decided that with my history of bronchitis that more testing is required. The first was scheduling an X-ray. Which confirmed what I already knew, bronchitis.

March 2022 I saw the ENT, the doctor found nothing . Three weeks after the ENT, I starting coughing harder. Too hard. I was using the bathroom and starting coughing and throwing up at the same time. I thought I was having a heart attack. I had another telehealth appointment with my doctor.

April 2022 I was scheduled for a CT Scan. I saw the Gastroenterologist. Then I had a esophagogastroduodenoscopy. GI found nothing. However, my CT Scan found a spot on my right upper lobe, lung cancer. We talked. I cried. I got myself together and asked her what was my next steps.

May 2022 I saw the pulmonary doctor. I saw the thoracis surgeon. My insurance Blue Cross and Blue Shield requested a second opinion with Cleveland Clinic. I had a pulmonary ancillary testing. I had to have a visit with my lawyer and make sure my documents was up to date. I had a biopsy. RUL Moderately Differentiated Adenocarcinoma.

June 2022 I saw the thoracis surgeon to go over the next steps for surgery. Lab work.

July 7, 2022 I had a VATS surgery for Stage 1 Lung Cancer. All 9-10 lymph node no cancer found. No chemo. No radiation. No invasive treatments. 5 year survivorship.

 I'm a non-smoker. My cough had nothing to do with my lung cancer. I'm thankful for my cough. If it wasn't for the cough only God knows when my lung cancer would have been found.

I'm still learning about my new life change. Life doesn't stop because of a change. Life moves in a different direction. What I have experience is different than many.

Praise God for another day in paradise.

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