Hattie W

Hattie W., KS

My name is Hattie and I want express my experience which advocates for funding for lung care research. My journey began when I started experiencing back pain in 2021, which I thought was due to lifting something that was too heavy and would be resolved within a short period of time. The pain in my back continued and I had some concerns.

My husband encouraged me to make a doctor’s appointment. He has previously been very supportive due to I have experienced cancer in 2008 and in 2010 which was a small spot on my right lung that was removed. He assisted me with office visits and follow up appointments. He also provides any home care to make life as comfortable as possible.

When my family physician took x-rays, he had concerns about the results of my test results so he thought that I should be referred to an Oncology Department for further testing.

I was directed to my previous Oncology Cancer Group which I trusted to give me the proper diagnosis if the cancer had returned.

My Oncology Department confirmed by the results of the PET Scan that my lung cancer had returned as Stage IV lung cancer which was in the lining of my lung. The results were really devastating. My Oncology Group decided to do a dna specific test and the results recommended that I could use a form of chemotherapy which was in a form of a pill. This form of treatment has resulted in showing no cancer cells at the time. I thank God for providing me with my husband, family and the Oncology Group.

We need to continue to receive funding for research so that people now and in the future can receive the proper care and they can find a breakthrough in cancer.

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