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Gloria R., PA

Five years ago, at the age of 60, my intuition told me to get a CT scan - my brain also urged this, as I'd smoked for 25 years. My insurance company refused to pay for a CT scan, as I had no symptoms; they only authorized an X-ray, which showed no problems. A few months later, I found a clinical trial for COPD where I got a free CT scan. This CT scan showed a small tumor in the lowest lobe of my right lung. I received wonderful treatment at the Hospital of Univ. of Penn - advice, support, and finally surgery to remove that lobe. Fortunately, the tumor was contained and was only stage 1A, so I did not require chemo or radiation, only surgery. Subsequent CT scans have been clean. I'm a strong supporter of screening CT scans for people who've smoked or have other risk factors.

First Published: October 29, 2013

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