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Eveling C., LA

Hi, my Name is Eveling W. Chess, and I smoked cigarettes for over 20 years. I was diagnosed with lung cancer in March 2015.

I started treatment in April 2015 taking chemo every two weeks, in addition to receiving radiation from May 2015 until June 2015. It's been a long road up but I am still holding on, I am determined to beat this. Some days it's up and some down, some days I feel like I am not going to beat this or make it through but I know I will because I have the Lord on my side, I trust him in one thing I can trust him for all things and for this I trust him.

I ask each and everyone to pray for me. Remember all of us in your prayers remember the cause. It's not just a walk or a nice gathering, it's a cause to help all of us in this struggle to beat this terrible disease. I believe in time it is a cure.

I thank God for my children my wonderful niece and nephew who stand by me through thick and thin and I can call at anytime. I thank God for my husband who is with me every inch of the way; when I hurt he hurts. I have three beautiful daughters for which I thank God for, I am truly blessed. I thank God for this organization and for what it's doing, it's a wonderful thing to reach out and help someone. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

First Published: October 3, 2017

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