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Douglas A., CO

17 years ago I was undergoing diagnosis and in late November (the day after Thanksgiving) 2001 I was diagnosed with SMALL CELL lung cancer at the trachea in the right lung. A week or so later it was found in the brain in three spots so it became 4th stage small cell. I underwent chemo and radiation in a big way for five months and survived to see my first cancer-free CT scan 30 days after the treatment ended. Of course, we are told we are never free of cancer, but 17 years after diagnosis, I am going about my relatively active lifestyle at nearly 67 years of age. I do have COPD but it doesn't stop me. I live in Denver at a mile high, and use oxygen at night for sleep to keep my O2 high enough. I travel domestically and internationally, cook, shop, clean my house, do care taking and all else I need as the intentions are to keep going for as many years as I get!! I am told that I am a miracle, but don't let those scary cancer words get you down. If I did it, so can you!

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