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Donna C., NC

Beginning of August 2017, I was having trouble catching my breath. It was a Friday night at work. After work I went to Urgent Care. They took a chest x-ray. No pneumonia, but called me Monday after radiologist looked at x-ray.

Nodule on top left lobe, scaring on right lobes. Had a CT, saw pulmonologist, had a PET scan. Top left lobe lit up. Went to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. End of September had a top left lobectomy. Lymph nodes were clear. Thought I was on my way to being cancer free. Had a CT May of 2018. Have a small 4mm nodule on lower left lobe. Scarring on right lobes has increased just a little. Want to see me in four months instead of six.

This all was told to me by a PA. Except he didn't say anything about the 4mm lower left, I read that when I got test results on my phone app.

I am very scared. No mention of chemo or radiation, so maybe that's good. But I am losing my mind, crying a lot. From what I've read, survival isn't very good. So today I made an appointment with my pulmonologist whom I haven't seen since last August. And oh, I was stage 1A. So maybe he can ease my mind. But from what I understand, maybe I should have a team? I live in NC and my family lives in Maryland, my grandkids. I want to be there if I dont have a long time to live.

First Published: June 20, 2018

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