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Denise W.

This past April, my father Julius J Werner lll (Skeeter) thought he had fallen down and hurt his back. He was taken to the hospital where they did x-rays and found nothing. He went home a few days later he had a doctor appointment. The doctor was checking him out and told him to go to the hospital to be admitted. They ran some tests on him and found nothing. Then, they did a CT scan on a Monday. The next day, Tuesday, we were told he had a large mass in his lung that had spread to his spine. They did not expect him to make it through the weekend. They kept him comfortable on morphine and on that Friday, April 8 my father passed away. He was 83 years old and he hasn't smoked since he was in his early 30s.

I never knew or I should say I never thought that you could still get lung cancer even though you quit smoking; that the effects of smoking last a lifetime. It's been six months now and still it's hard to adjust life without him.

First Published: October 21, 2016

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