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David G., CA

In March 2017, I went to see my GP for coughing and he suggested I get a lung x-ray, which I haven't had in years. Didn't think I needed one since I was a non-smoker. The x-ray came back showing a 2.5 cm mass on my upper right lobe. Next was CT Scan and biopsy. I had cancer surgery wherein they removed my right upper lung. Stage 1a, no radiation or chemo and the oncologist said I was cured.

I saw a lung doctor in June and my lungs are all clear. Just a yearly checkup required. I got a second chance at life due to an early diagnosis (albeit by luck) and great medical care. Another year or two and who knows, stage 2, 3 or 4?

Early chest x-rays are important to early detection and even non-smokers need to have lungs checked. Early detection saved my life, it could saves yours.

First Published: July 11, 2017

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