David B

David B., IL

After hearing my wife, Carol’s horrible cough for months on end, and watching her exhausted after bouts of coughing, I was sure if I never heard another cough again it would be fine. While pregnant with our youngest child, Eva, Carol was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. Eva was induced early to allow Carol's treatments to start as soon as possible, with the biggest concern being the development of Eva's lungs.

It was due to the research into lung development and treatment, supported by the American Lung Association, that allowed Eva to grow and thrive. After multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, Carol eventually died in May of 2004 of cancer that had spread to her lungs. Our three children, all six and under in age, along with our families and friends, were devastated. For the past 17 years, I have raised funds for the American Lung Association in the fight against lung disease through their Fight for Air Ride in memory of Carol. More recently, I have been able to ride with Eva, which has been amazing.

Now, I am excited to honor Carol’s life in a different way: by advocating for lung cancer research funding and affordable, accessible healthcare in Congress during LUNG FORCE Advocacy Day. I am honored to have the chance to support the important mission of the American Lung Association to defeat lung cancer so that one day, no families need to be devastated from loss, and so that no one, including young mothers like my wife, will die from this terrible disease.

First Published: March 9, 2022

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Freedom From Smoking Clinic
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