Danielle W

Danielle W., AZ

I'm Danielle and my life has changed in so many ways. On November 21, 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which spread to my lower spine, my pelvis and the top of my right shoulder. CRAZY! I never smoked a day in my life and I was on top of my game working out five days a week and eating pretty healthy.

Despite this drastic change in my life, I am embracing this new chapter by being a walker at this years LUNG FORCE Walk to make a difference in the lives of people impacted by lung disease. I'm learning more about lung cancer and the many people it is and has effected. I am hoping that my efforts in this walk will help others be a part of raising awareness and financial support to help find a cure for this horribe disease. I'm looking forward to this event, many others and what the new year has in store. Together we can make a difference in the lives of many and I look forward to helping, sharing, learning and doing what I can to support the American Lung Association's research innovation, which leads to early detection for all and better treatments that give everyone a fighting chance.

First Published: October 30, 2019

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