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Craig L., FL

I found out I had lung cancer in September, 2006 after having a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia when I couldn't shake an upper respiratory infection. 5 weeks later I had surgery to remove my upper left lobe. 3 out of 5 lymph nodes were positive so I had to undergo chemotherapy. My first suggestion is NOT to believe what you see and read on the Internet. I had a phenomenal group of doctors treating me and that was one of the keys to my recovery. My family support was also vital because they gave me the will and the strength to fight. Although I have experienced rather serious neuropathy as a consequence of the chemo, that is a small price to pay for my life. I just celebrated 7 years since my surgery, thus 7 years cancer free. To have the oncologists tell me we beat lung cancer was one of the highlights of my life. My favorite quote is: "Don't give up, don't ever give up!" Jimmy V

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