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Cathy P., CA

In April or May 2017 I was at the Morning Drive office of Kern Radiology. I saw a Saved By The Scan sign in the waiting room. A couple of days later I received a letter from Kern Radiology telling me I was eligible for a low-dose CT scan at no cost to me.

I had the scan and a tiny spot was detected in my right lung. A biopsy soon followed and confirmed it was cancerous. I contacted CBCC and scheduled an appointment - for the very same day! The doctor was a godsend, explaining what kind of cancer I had, what kind of surgery would be required, clearances from other doctors, and referred me to my surgeon, another godsend. He explained that he would perform a lobectomy, the removal of half my lung. The cancer was minute, had not metastasised, the biopsy of the lymph nodes between my lungs showed all clear. I was hospitalized for eight days. Because the cancer was diagnosed early (stage 1) I did not need chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

I tell everyone I meet, “The scan saved my life!!” I'm am so blessed!

First Published: July 30, 2018

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