Cathy H

Cathy H., TN

I smoked for 40 years, I was treated for asthma for many years. I had gotten pneumonia and was hospitalized. A doctor I received there was a pulmonary doctor and as soon as he saw me and examined me he stated, “There is no asthma, you have copd/emphazemia! You will need 24 hour oxygen now because you are in end stage copd!"

I was devastated, I was only 51 years old at the time. They sent me to get a scan to confirm the doctor's findings. I was so scared and crying, and I did not know where my life was headed, no more job after 35 years at the same place, 4 children, a husband and I had just buried my father with the same disease!

I will be 60 in November and I have struggled for so many years dealing with my disease along with heart disease, high blood pressure and now steroid endured diabetes! Education is great as I have finally calmed myself and accepted all of my issues.

I am grateful to be alive today and I have recently moved out of the cold winters to a gentle winter state. I faithfully keep my doctors appointments. I am in a bad fianacial place do to a whole lot of hospitalizations and ambulance bills. I am not worried about it now because I can't stress over it. I have a wonder family that helps me 24/7. I am blessed by them!

First Published: October 30, 2018

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