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Cassie M., TX

My name is Cassie Menn. When I was 35, my mother passed away from lung cancer. My mom, Susan, was my best friend. She worked at MD Anderson and was a marathon runner.

She was diagnosed at 59 with stage 3 and survived for 3 more years before passing away at age 62. My mom underwent a double craniotomy, then the following week she was back to running 10 miles. Her strength and faith helped her live each day to the fullest. To this day, she is one of the many that lung cancer took as she was a non-smoker and did not get lung cancer from second hand smoke.

My mom's passing was really hard on my and my family - she passed away just six weeks before I got married. Her funeral was the day before my wedding tasting...and that time in my life remains delicate and just a mix of emotions.

Now, as a behavior change specialist, I have decided to help people - especially women - with their own health and wellness transitions. I went through Mayo Clinic's Health and Wellness coaching program last year and am moving my career into a direction that can be of help to women - like my mom and me/their families - navigate through times like these, as well as have tools to help them live their best lives. I'd be happy to share more of my story or answer any questions.

First Published: September 27, 2018

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