Carla P

Carla P., TX

I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018, just two months after I gave up cigarettes for good. It was detected in both lungs after I went for a screening CT scan of my lungs. Chemo, radiation immunotherapy and two different surgeries. I am convinced that if I had not gone for the scan when I did that the cancer would have spread to other parts of my body and not sure my outcome would be what it is today. Just a few weeks ago I had repeat scan and there is NO evidence of cancer anywhere in my lungs or elsewhere so I am beating this disease day by day. Too many stigma’s with lung cancer and I hear it every day. Always the first question people ask me is “Did you smoke?” And my reply “Does it really matter?” I have committed to a healthy life now, tobacco free and I just walked my first marathon! Early detection saves lives!! Get screened…it can save your life.

First Published: January 24, 2022

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