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Bob B., KS

I was told I had smoldering multiple myeloma years ago. I have been tested every six months since, the progress stays the same. In February 2021, my doctor wanted to run a test on bone density. It was discovered through this test that I had a small spot on my right lung, in the middle lobe. It was decided I should wait three months and repeat the test. Same results so he ordered a biopsy of the spot. That procedure confirmed that the spot was cancer. It was decided that surgery was the best approach. The surgeon discovered an additional spot in my lower lobe of the lung in reviewing the results of the biopsy.

I hoped they could use the new surgery to remove the middle lobe and look at the lower one. Using pencil size holes, it would be a much easier route. After trying that approach, it was necessary to go the old way and open me up. That was successful and they removed my middle lobe and a wedge of my lower lobe. Tests verified that the second spot was not cancer, so that lobe was spared. Recovery was very long, pain lasting four months, but I was able to get past that and no chemo or radiation was ordered. I have had two six-month checkups since the surgery and no cancer is present.

I am a very lucky guy, without that test in February 2021, I would most likely not be here today to write this note. Early detection saved me, I only hope we can somehow get more people tested earlier.

As a smoker for 50 years, quitting some 15 years ago, I knew my odds of getting cancer were not good, early detection gave me odds I do not deserve but thank God I received.

We need more success stories as this. Since then, I am back driving patients to/from dialysis and cancer patients to appointments. Sill looking for other ways to help.

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