Bettye G

Bettye G., MO

Last fall, I had a physical examination and I asked for a CT scan. I met the recommended requirements and was approved for a low-dose CT scan. The results were shocking! There was a benign nodule on my left lung and it was removed using a procedure called re-sectioning.

My right lung had some odd looking tissue and it was attached to my right lower lobe. It was removed surgically and it was determined to be cancerous. If I had not requested the CT scan, I can't think of what could have happened. Early detection is vital, please ask your doctor for a CT scan.

Now, I am trying desperately to quit smoking. I am have had small successful periods, but that is not good enough. I must quit and stay quit! My doctor made me very aware that I am still at risk for reoccurrence, especially if I don't kick the smoking habit.

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