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Barbara T., MO

It has been two years, and I have just had my third CAT scan. Two years ago they found a nodule in my left lung so now I have scans every 6 months. I have my next one this coming December 2019. My brother and one sister have already had part of their lungs removed for cancer. So far, my brother has been cancer free for around 15 years now. The one sister had a breast removed 15 years ago. She's the one that just had part of her lung removed also. She's still on chemo. My other sister wasnt so lucky, we lost her two years ago to liver cancer that had spread. One other sister has had reconstructed surgeries twice to remove cancer from her nose and skin. All three have had skin cancers removed. I also have had skin cancer removed from my chin. I also lost my father to prostate and brain cancer three years ago. I am a heavy smoker and I feel I'm just biding time. I still smoke and have tried every kind of medicines and patches but I cannot seem to get past the cravings, nothing seems to help. I'll let you know my results come this 18th of Dec.

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, | Dec 14, 2023