Barb R

Barb R., MA

My story begins with a persistent cough that was diagnosed as pneumonia with no x-ray done. The medication I was given did not work, back to the doctor (twice), more medication that still did not help. Still no x-ray done. I ended up at the emergency room because I could not breathe. At that point an x-ray was done and I was told I had lung cancer.

On Sept. 26, 2016 I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer Stage 4. I am a non-smoker, very active 58-year-old woman. This diagnosis was a complete shock to me as well as my family and friends.

We need to make the public more aware of lung cancer diagnosis' are not limited to smokers, anyone can be stricken with this disease at any age. I am fortunate my chemo regiment is working. I have been able to get back to enjoying the people and activities as I have before my diagnosis. I cherish every moment.

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