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I asked my doctor for a chest X-ray and he sent me for one. It was not anything he understood so, he sent me for a PET scan which showed that I had a pea-sized growth in one lobe of my lung. They biopsied it and it was cancer.

They removed the lobe and I didn't need any radiation or chemo because they removed it all. The doctors all asked why I had this done...did I feel short of breath, etc.? No, and I didn't cough either. The reason: I had smoked for over 50 years, never over a pack a day and had been cutting back for years.

It was a very painful operation and I am very lucky. I no longer smoke and it doesn't bother me at all...it is easy to quit when you know you have to.

First Published: 11/3/2016 1:41:00 PM

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