April D : NY

Kimberley was a sister, friend, daughter, aunt and wife. Her passion for life and will to live will never be forgotten. Our hope is to spread a message for Kimberley's love of life to all those who fight. Kimberley lost her battle with lung cancer on July 28, 2020, but never gave up the fight. Her body gave out, but her spirit for life lives on. We will continue to be her army and spread the need to raise awareness about lung cancer. The battle is never over. Kim was quoted as saying, "Connect to your breath. It has so much to teach you. Every breath is your gift of life. Cherish it. You get to choose how you spend it and share it. Choose wisely." 

When you can't breathe nothing else matters! 

First Published: 9/2/2020 7:19:22 AM

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