April D

April D., NY

A Warrior’s Legacy

Kimberley Clark was a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, wife, and warrior. Kimberley went to battle against non-smoker lung cancer in August of 2016 when she was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer which had metastasized to her bones. The day she was diagnosed she said, “It literally took my breath away.” She would take nothing for granted and instead of being pulled down by her cancer she focused on determination and perseverance for life.

Kim’s focus was on asking what she could do to change or help others with lung cancer. She started a path to be a life coach and share her journey as a warrior of fighting cancer and to empower others to find hope and clarity in the face of adversity. Kimberley lived her cancer journey not asking why me, but why not me. She knew she could make a difference. Kim advocated for herself for treatment options, medical coverage, and benefits. The biggest demise for Kimberley was that medical guidelines do not fit the criteria for non-smokers and early detection.

Kimberley’s passion for life and will to live will never be forgotten. We know as a family the determination that is needed when fighting cancer and will continue that in Kim’s honor. The fight for early detection and treatment options is now our battle. Our hope is to spread this message and Kimberley’s love of life to all those who fight. Kimberley lost her battle on July 28, 2020, but never gave up the fight. Her body gave out, but her spirit, courage and determination live on. We will continue to be her army and spread the need to raise awareness for Lung Cancer. The battle is never over.

When you can't breathe nothing else matters!

First Published: September 2, 2020

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