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Andrea N.

My name is Andrea and I was a caregiver for my Mom for fourteen years. During the last couple years of my Mom's illness, my Auntie Isabelle was a huge source of emotional support to me. Then after my Mom passed away, I was comforted by my Aunt's new role as my second Mom. Within a year and a half I then lost her too - somewhat unexpectedly.

No matter how the lung disease develops and progresses - slowly over time or rather quickly - losing someone is just plain devastating.

My Mom was diagnosed with asthma in her thirties. Later, she was also diagnosed with COPD and was plagued by these lung diseases for over forty years. I still have vivid thoughts of finding her either unresponsive or gasping for air. I spent many sleepless days and nights in the ER and hospital rooms by her side feeling so helpless. The lung disease was sucking the life out of my Mom and robbing me of the enjoyment of being a daughter to the woman I loved so dearly, not only as a Mother but also as a friend.

On the flip side, my Auntie endured her lung cancer over a fewer number of years and passed away quicker than we all expected. Within a span of a week she attended a luncheon, was put on a bipap machine in ICU, and then was gone.

I've lost two Moms within a short period of time. I don't plan to lose the fight for a cure for lung diseases. Hence, I walk to raise funds and awareness. Join me.

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
Detroit, MI | May 29, 2024