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Amy L., IN

In August of 2013 my mom went in for a routine chest x-ray prior to a hip replacement. In that film they discovered a mass on the upper right lobe of her lung. Further testing confirmed stage 4 small cell lung cancer that had metastasized to her bones.

Given treatment options that won't cure the cancer only treat it she decided to live out her life. And as a family we made it COUNT. Ever humble an individual, she embraced family time spent quilting, visiting with friends, family and her husband.

After a celebratory last Thanksgiving, my father thought he had a touch of the flu. Given round after round of antibiotics he just couldn't get better. In early January of 2014 following a chest x-ray he was also diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer. I, their eldest daughter (only 45), took care of them. Along with hospice I rode this journey of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a disease that takes them slowly and ugly. Two weeks later my father passed away, February 7, 2014 to be exact. As a family we asked my mom, do you want to have funeral now or when you pass away. How can this be happening is all I could ask myself. My mom choose to wait and have their funeral together. A many of first for so many people, two people in same family in hospice care, two funerals at the same time.

March 10, 2014 my mom passed away. 31 days apart. I was with both of them as they slipped away from us. I have lived #cancersucks. My mom and dad were my best friends. I want to tell this story. I want to raise money so another family will never have to live through this.

So, to the American Lung Association, I am your number #1 fan. I will do everything in my power to help you and all that affected.

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