Adriana F

Adriana F., AK

I was diagnosed with an adenocarcinoma in my right lower lung lobe at age 35 after having my daughter. I have never been a smoker and am otherwise in good health. My baby girl was 6 months old and still nursing when I had to have a lung lobectomy. It was an extremely scary and trying time for my whole family, I spent 7 days in the hospital and had an epidural for 5 of those days.

Being a veterinarian I knew the importance of removing the tumor quickly. I did not realize that the stigma behind lung cancer was so great until I was diagnosed. Immediately everyone assumes that you are a smoker and did this to yourself. It is a very difficult conversation to have with people when you can see the judgement on their faces. I am currently 17 months post op and am doing well and currently cancer free but live everyday afraid that my cough could progress into something more. I have constant pain on that side of my thorax and a chronic cough, but I am alive and am grateful for that.

First Published: November 24, 2020

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