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Radon Awareness

Radon Awareness Month

Radon is an invisible and odorless gas that can enter homes through cracks in the basement floor or from well water.

  • Prolonged exposure to radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.
  • Two in five homes have a radon problem. But the only way to know if your home is free of radon is to test it.

The American Lung Association in Oregon offers both short term Radon Testing Kits and long term Radon Testing Kits

The EPA requests conducting a short term test first. This test is for 3-7 days and allows for quick results that offer a "snapshot" of radon concentrations. The cost covers the test, shipping to the lab, and lab analysis.Testing your home for radon levels is simple.

Here's are a few tips:

  • Testing ranges from a few days to a year. Long-term tests are more accurate in predicting the year-round levels in a home.
  • If a test indicates an elevated radon level, always test twice before taking action.
  • Repairs for homes with high radon levels are no more than many other common home repairs and will not change the appearance of your home. A variety of methods can be used, from sealing cracks in floors and walls, to changing the flow of air into your home.

Always consult an EPA-qualified or state-certified radon contractor. They can evaluate the problem and help you select the right solution. Visit the web site to find out about EPA-qualified or state-certified radon contractors in your area .


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