Resources for Better Breathers Network Members

Thank you for joining the Better Breathers Network

We pulled our best resources on and created this one-of-a-kind virtual resource library to support you.

This comprehensive library includes:

  • Oxygen therapy resources
  • COPD and asthma management tools
  • Understanding the Respiratory System and Lung Disease webinar
  • Breathing exercises
  • and much more!

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

About the American Lung Association
Better Breathers Club Videos
  • Karen’s Story: COPD
    Being diagnosed with COPD can be an isolating and scary experience. But after joining an American Lung Association Better Breathers Club, Karen found a community that understand exactly what she was going through.
  • World COPD Day: Better Breathers Club
    We spoke with members of our Better Breathers Club support groups about how COPD affects their lives and how Better Breathers Clubs improve their quality of life.
  • Support for Individuals Living with Sarcoidosis (Video)
    Listen to Individuals living with sarcoidosis, American Lung Association staff and Better Breathers Club Facilitators discuss the benefits of joining a Better Breathers Club.
Oxygen Therapy Resources
Pulmonary Fibrosis Resources
Chronic Cough Resources
Sarcoidosis Resources
Silicosis Resources
Quit Smoking and Vaping Resources
Asthma Resources
COPD Resources
Understanding and Managing Lung Disease Resources

Page last updated: April 16, 2021

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