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Tonya J., SC

I just recently (May 13, 2021)  loss my only child to severe asthma. The grief I carry everyday is unexplainable yet I have the renewed strength to type this story to you all.

She was a smoker and part of her life she smoked knowing her lung disease. I was not aware of how severe her asthma was until 2020, when her primary doctor referred her to an allergy doctor. The allergy doctor ruled it as severe. We experienced alot with her breathing problems. Holidays spent in the hospital. Waking up in the middle of the night to wheezing and her trying to catch her breath. I tried over the counter drugs and called my friend who is a respiratory therapist and took advice from her. We even tried natural remedies only to find out that it was severe and she would have to be put on a breathing machine.

My daughter knew her condition inside was painful. And at the age of 19 she departed this life peacefully with her father and I and her special friend and family members at her bedside. Lord knows this is unimaginatively hard to explain. However, I am the mother and it is my duty to carry her legacy on until the day I die. My family unit consist of only me now. Loneliness is the first thing I worry about as I adjust to this new way of living. So as I go about my day, I pray that someone is inspired and encouraged to STOP smoking and pay better attention to his/her general health-in all.

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