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Theresa H., IL

Hi, My name is Teresa. I had a knee replacement in 2016. I wasn't feeling good after, so my knee doctor had me get a high-resolution CT scan. Well, they told me I had pneumonia. I was put on a double round of antibiotics. That was it; they forgot to mention Interstitial Lung Disease. I didn't find that out until 2021. I went to my PCP with shortness of breath. That's when I had another high-resolution CT scan. It didn't look great, so they put me on medication. It does seem to help. 

Now, I see a lung specialist and am hopefully moving in the right direction. I am mainly wheeze and am short of breath. I also have lung pain, but I'm not sure what that's about. I try to stay positive. I still am scared to death of the unknown.

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