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Marilyn S., TX

My name Marilyn K Smith. A couple of years ago nodules were found on my lung. Since that time I have had several lung infections and been hospitalized many times. Yes I smoked all my life. Back in the 70s when it was considered cool. Both parents., in fact my entire family always smoked from my ever since I can remember.

I believe it’s a stigma that becomes attached because of your family environment but we need to change that. It’s too late for me but my grandaughters (one has asthma) need to help understand the danger and take heed. Our school are doing a good job and DARE helps but it is up to our family and  their individual values to teach and educate our kids as much as we can.

I know setting good examples is important but I also know how hard that is sometimes. I want them to know that I understand and I care. I love them and I want them to grow up in a safe  world. Don’t do as I do... do as I say. That may be hard to understand but growing up in the 50s through the terrible 70s and forward I have had to learn a lot... fast. I only hope I can make an impact on their lives going forward and be here for them as long as God allows me. Love everyone and I am always here to talk. 

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