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Donna F., NY

My husband, Mo, was very fortunate that seven years ago his primary care doctor was aware of the screening for lung cancer for high-risk individuals. Thankfully, Mo’s cancer was found early by the screening. He had one lobe of his lung and several lymph nodes removed arthroscopically. He did need to have some chemo, even though they initially tested his nodes during surgery, and we were told they were cancer free, some others must’ve had cancer and we found out by literally reading his pathology report after being dismissed by the surgeon at the post op visit.

Thank god we read it, because we were told by the surgeon that he should “go live his life” at the follow up.  Since then, he’s been declared cancer free after his fifth year of post-surgery annual scans. Quitting smoking was challenging but he succeeded! The whole episode was a very frightening time. 

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