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Dona B., DC

Sarcoidosis is genetic, my mother explained. The disease attack your kidneys, liver or lungs and can have skin cysts and rash. Like several first cousins, I was diagnosed in 2011. This story includes discoveries about my genes that biopsies found sarcoid evidence in my uterus but no cancer determined, my lung benign once but suspected cancer present. Treatment over the past 10 years have become less of care most likely due to Medicaid health insurance.

I am currently seeking 2nd or 3rd screening consultation before agreeing to cut 1/2 of my lung. To determine honestly if the consistent flank pain in my surgical cyst removed kidney will be the norm. I believe sarcoidosis is an infectious disease and many physicians say it's not yet a few have admission that it is. Apparently The Bernie Mac Sarcoidosis Foundation do no give public awareness for Black American patients to have input on research. I strongly believe misdiagnosis in many lives are costing lives. I want to live. 
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