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Dianne C., SC

I have asthma and some of my many triggers are cigarette smoke, colognes, perfumes, body sprays and essential oils. Because of my triggers there are many stores I can’t go into for instance Bath and Body Works, Dillard’s and Hobby Lobby (the lobby has so many scents it sends me into an asthma attack). Church has been an issue as well because of body sprays, however, I have found most ladies will not wear it if they know they will be around me. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a big problem for me because when wearing a masks I can’t breathe.

Even work places have been very difficult for me. I have had to have an air purifier, fan and wear a scarf in an effort to breathe as people wear very strong colognes and body sprays. Compound pharmacies are now a problem because they promote essential oils, they too send me into a full blown asthma attack.

I wish there was a way to educate people of the effect of what they wear. They don’t understand that they have the option of wearing these things but breathing is necessary for me .

First Published: November 6, 2020

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