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Connie J., TX

I was diagnosed with Hypersensitive pneumonitis January 2002. I had been working at Ground Zero NYC following 9/11. I was a project manager for a large disaster restoration company. My job while there was doing satellite jobs in th area of Ground Zero. Myself and my crews covered 22 of the insurance claims for restoration.

I arrived in NCY October 3, 2001, I became sick after three months of working and living in that immediate area. I flown there from my home in Iowa Park, TX, this was my normal work for over 10 years.

This disease has affected me in trying to work and earn a living.  In 2009 I went to work at a local casino, after three short weeks of work, I was admitted to the hospital with the same diagnosis and another near death experience.  

So now I have two episodes of this that has almost took my life. At 71 now I am tired, still trying to make a life for myself. I live alone and work my flower beds and all house duties, I volunteer for charities here in town. I try to realize what causes problems but as I get older I worry more. I have also developed MS that I live with.  

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