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Brandon C., OH

I smoked for many years when I was younger and completely understand the difficulty associated with moving on from something as addictive as smoking.

I have been a designer and writer among many things, yet always with the hopes of helping others.

I created a poster to perhaps alter, if possible, the way we look at what seems to have become an acceptable activity in our personal lives and in the lives of others. 

What I wanted to accomplish was to change the language we use. From the words, smoking, and, bad habit, towards what it is one is actually engaging in, when smoking. 

I feel we might have, in giving it such a commonplace name, amongst all the other commonplace names associated with activities we as humans engage in, marginalized it by not calling it out for what it really is. 

If we could perhaps change the language too, "Breathing Smoke, for the fun of it, is not a bad habit, IT'S STUPID" we might, for some, change the lure and appeal. 

Hope it was okay I share this with you through this avenue. Thanks for all your great work! 

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