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Breathing is essential to life, and through this blog, we hope to illustrate the importance of lung health. Hear directly from experts, researchers, staff and volunteers about our ongoing fight for healthy lungs and healthy air.

The Unequal Burden of Asthma on the Black Community

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that affects 24.8 million Americans. But the way asthma impacts those with the disease differs greatly depending on factors including race, gender and economic status. Read More

Raising Awareness of Clinical Trials in Black Americans

See how clinical trials have helped patients survive lung cancer and how participation makes a difference in your community. Read More

The Importance of Representation in Lung Cancer Clinical Trials

In January 2022, the American Lung Association launched its campaign “Awareness, Trust and Action,” aimed at empowering Black Americans to speak with their doctors about clinical trials. Read More

Recognizing the Juneteenth Holiday

Juneteenth is a holiday to celebrate the journey and freedom of Black Americans, and the many contributions they have made to American culture. Read More

Lung Cancer Biomarker Testing and Black Americans: Part 2

Dr. Khadijah A. Mitchell, Assistant Professor of Biology at Lafayette College notes, “Self-reported race is a social construct and genetic ancestry is a biological construct." Read More

Lung Cancer Biomarker Testing and Black Americans: Part 1

The lung cancer advocacy community has united to raise awareness about the need for biomarker testing for lung cancer patients. Read More

Support from Day One

To say receiving a lung cancer diagnosis is overwhelming is an understatement. The day you hear those words, your life changes forever. Once you've had a moment to process the diagnosis, it is natural to think "Now what?" Read More

Close to Home

When you think of really bad air pollution, it's probably the thick haze often wrapped around the buildings and highways in Beijing and Delhi. But for women in countries around the world, air quality risks can be much closer to home. Read More

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