Music star Kellie Pickler was only 15 years old when her beloved grandmother, Faye Pickler, the woman she called "Mom," was diagnosed with lung cancer. For her grandmother the battle was over just as soon as it began. Only one day after she was diagnosed, Faye passed away. Did you know less than half of women diagnosed with lung cancer will be alive one year after diagnosis? According to a recent American Lung Association survey, less than a quarter of women were aware of this startling fact.

Today, because of her first-hand experience, Kellie wants to inspire more women to get involved in the fight against lung cancer. She continues to share her beautiful voice for a cause that could make a difference in the way people talk and think about lung cancer, and increase the amount of research and funding that can ultimately go towards a cure to save lives.

This November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and The American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE is encouraging everyone to support critical lung cancer research with online donations. You can also show support with a purchase of Kellie's Selma Drye collection: In the spirit of LUNG FORCE, a portion of proceeds of select turquoise items will be donated to the initiative.

Hear more from Kellie about her powerful story here:

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