Midge Wilson

I started my medical background as an EMT. Graduating with honors from college I thought my education was complete. I returned to school again to complete a certificate in American Sign Language. I returned to school once more achieving a degree in nursing finishing #1 in the class. After a few years I was forced to medically retire from nursing which I truly loved. It gives me great pleasure to say that I am a licensed and Ordained Minister as well as a Motivational Speaker. I currently sit on the Board of the Let's Kick Asthma Foundation in Orlando, Florida. I was diagnosed with onset of asthma at approximately age 40. Later on, in life I progressed into COPD. I was immediately placed on Symbicort, Pro Air, and 2 ltrs of oxygen. It seems that all of my siblings were having the same problem all onset after the age of 40, but they were all diagnosed with asthma some worse than others. My asthma is definitely worse with activity. We all grew up around second hand smoke and little did we know that it would change the course of our lives. Our Mother eventually developed emphysema even though she never smoked. Being a part of the patient advisory panel is important to me because there has to be a better way to treat COPD. If I can be a part of offering any help or advice to find a better way, it would be beneficial to those who suffer from the disease as myself.

Midge Wilson
Better Breather Club | Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital
Nassawadox, VA | Mar 26, 2020
Better Breather Club | Riverside Tappahannock Hospital
Tappahannock, VA | Mar 26, 2020