Afif El-Hasan, M.D.

Afif El-Hasan, M.D.

Board Director


Kaiser Permanente, California

Areas of Expertise:
Pediatric asthma and lung health

Dr. Afif El-Hasan is a pediatrician with Kaiser Permanente in Orange County, California. He has been an active member of the organization's Asthma Care Management Team for more than 13 years, which strives to optimize the care of thousands of patients living with asthma. He also serves on the Culturally Responsive Care Committee for Kaiser Permanente in addressing the cultural/linguistic aspects of patient care.

Dr. El-Hasan was a board member on the State Governing Board of the American Lung Association of California from 2011-2017. Prior to this, he served on the Orange County Leadership Board of the American Lung Association for more than 10 years, and was the 2008 recipient of the American Lung Association in California's Outstanding Medical Achievement Award. He is a member of the Environmental Justice Advisory Group at the Southern California Air Quality Management District, which addresses poor air quality in low-income areas of Southern California. Dr. El-Hasan was elected to the American Lung Association National Board in October, 2022.

Dr. El-Hasan has a special interest in childhood asthma, and his areas of additional expertise include the health effects of air pollution, health impacts of smoking, tobacco cessation, children's lung health, lung health legislation and advocacy, youth smoking rates, vaccination and the health impacts of climate change.

Dr. El-Hasan frequently gives lectures to both healthcare providers and members of the community on topics relating to lung health including asthma, smoking, health effects of air pollution and cultural aspects of medical care. He currently resides in Laguna Niguel, California with his wife and their three daughters.

Media interested in scheduling an interview with Dr. El-Hasan may contact [email protected].

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