The American Lung Association supports state policies that give smokers easy access to all treatments proven effective to help them quit. This includes:

  • Fully funding state tobacco control programs including quitlines
  • Providing a comprehensive, easily-accessed tobacco cessation benefit to all Medicaid enrollees and state employees, and through other state-run health insurance plans
  • Ensuring all private health insurance plans cover a comprehensive, easily-accessible tobacco cessation benefit

State Tobacco Cessation Coverage Database

Find out which treatments your state covers to help smokers quit.

Learn more »

Tobacco Cessation and the Affordable Care Act

Learn how the Affordable Care Act affects what treatments are covered to help smokers quit. Learn more »

Tobacco Cessation Coverage Factsheets and Reports

The American Lung Association’s repository for tobacco cessation policy materials, including factsheets and other helpful resources. Learn more »

Page last updated: November 17, 2022

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