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Sep 14, 2021

American Lung Association Launches Support Community for COVID-19 Long Haulers

Sep 09, 2021

FDA’s Delay on Juul and other Tobacco Products Puts U.S. Kids at Risk

Sep 08, 2021

Lung Association Launches Educational Campaign on the Importance of Vaccination for Pertussis, Especially for Adults Living with Asthma

Sep 02, 2021

Lung Association: Masks Are Safe and Effective to Prevent COVID-19 Spread for All Kids Over Two

Aug 18, 2021

American Lung Association Supports Strengthening Efforts to help End Pandemic, including COVID-19 Booster Shot Plan, Masking, Employee Mandated Vaccinations

Aug 12, 2021

American Lung Association Now Accepting Research Applications for Future Investments

Aug 11, 2021

American Lung Association Joins Employers Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine for Employees

Aug 10, 2021

Senate Must Prioritize Investments in a Healthier Future in Budget Bill

Aug 05, 2021

American Lung Association Reacts to EPA’s Proposal to Replace SAFE Rule with Stronger Cleaner Cars Standards

Aug 05, 2021

American Lung Association Launches Vape-Free Schools Scholarship Fund

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